Bruce Eicher Helps Me be Memorable

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Are you losing your audience during parts of your presentation, even with a compelling message?

Today it’s harder than ever for us as speakers to grab and keep the attention of the people we’re communicating to. Packed schedules, mobile devices and multiple priorities conspire to divert audiences from your message and hearing what you’re trying to communicate.

Visual illustrations, like magic or optical illusions are a perfect way to grab attention and keep your audience focused on you.

What if you had a consistent way to draw your audience in to what you’re saying?

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I know what you’re up against when you stand in front of a room of bored business execs, when you walk on stage at a conference and see laptops and mobile devices up and on everywhere, or when you’re trying to communicate to a faith-based group and your topic isn’t what they thought they were coming for.

I’ve spent my career in three areas:

Card Trick


performing thousands of magic shows throughout the U.S., Canada, Latin America and Western Europe.


Mega-Church Story Teller:

communicating to large groups in a multimedia, on-stage environment.

Hand Shake

Sales Person & Corp Exec:

delivering sales presentations and communicating high tech information.

Magic and optical illusions create surprise and excitement, while grabbing your audience’s attention.

Audiences today are used to sound bites. MAGIC effects or illusions ARE soundbites. They’re perfect for grabbing attention. Just like with humor, you get audible or visual feedback when each effect is done.

A well done visual illustration change’s people’s mental state, giving you the chance to make your point while the focus has been drawn to you.

I’ll teach you how to perform a magic effect or optical illusion to increase the impact of your talk.

Be Memorable

An emotional connection is made between you and your audience when you provide a visual illustration like a magic effect. All day long we’re bombarded with messages coming from different sources, including many good communicators. Very few of us are offered something entertaining that grabs our attention and stands out from the ordinary.

You can visually illustrate key points, create anticipation, surprise and excitement, while making yourself memorable.

You’ll walk away with the tools needed to perform exciting magic for your audience, while making yourself memorable.

What You Get

1-On-1 Personal Instruction

One on One

3 live, 1 hour sessions with step-by-step instruction in person or via live, 2-way video if you don’t want to travel.

Props Needed


If your desired magic effect requires any props, I’ll supply you with what’s needed or show you how to create them.

Access to Online Reference Video

Online Videos

Includes detailed explanations of how to perform your magic effect, tips, tricks and ideas learned from years of performing.

Magic I Can Teach You

Bruce Eicher Performing the NBA Shoestrings Trick

NBA Shoestrings

Bruce Eicher Performing the Magic Spheres Trick

Magic Spheres

Bruce Eicher Turning a One Dollar Bill Into One-hundred Dollar Bill Trick

$1 to $100

Bruce Eicher Performing the Cut and Restored String Trick

Cut & Restored String

Bruce Eicher Performing the Cut and Restored Rope Trick

Cut & Restored Rope

Bruce Eicher Performing the Cash is King Trick

Cash is King